Friday, October 23, 2009

My Heart Draws a Rough Map

Nary a week before the end of the month, here is October's chapbook, My Heart Draws a Rough Map by Howie Good.

Howie Good’s My Heart Draws a Rough Map proceeds like a softly-spoken B-movie. Not content to just beat, the heart grieves, gives in to melancholy, takes long walks, plays baseball, makes demands like Edward G. Robinson. Drawn outside of the self, the heart doesn’t just get saddled with emotion, but is an observer, a conversationalist, enigmatic. As equally wrought with primary colors and ominous dark as child’s crayon portrait of her parents come to life, My Heart Draws a Rough Map maintains a simple surreality, tongue in cheek, and heart on sleeve (and atop roof, and on board train, and in a hundred other places).

This chapbook is wonderfully complemented with artwork done by the talented and quite sweet Mia Christopher. Please visit her website to enjoy more of her whimsical, wistful work.


Barbara said...

Love the wonderful illustrations!