Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our first five months, and a bit about the future

Blue Hour Press, in five short months, has done some pretty impressive stuff. Our six books, published digitally and available for free, have spanned the possibilities of poetry, and begun to explore the edges of not just ebooks, but chapbooks themselves. In the process, we've had over 3,500 unique reads. That's 700 books being flipped open every month! Wonderful.

Along the way, we've received some great press, including stellar word-of-mouth, and reviews on blogs. Here are a few for Emily Kendal Frey's book, Airport:

"I would advise to run, not walk, and get a copy of this chapbook, but it’s just a few clicks away. So get clicking– this is easily my favorite chapbook of the new year thus far. Airport’s poems are terse and economical, but build the ambiance of immense spaces, wide-open skies and high-arching airport architecture."
- Bull City Review

"You don't need a lot of words to say something big. Big as a jumbo jet, even. Airport by Emily Kendal Frey is a collection of short poems (because that's the way she rolls) all about the so-called friendly skies and the places we endure while waiting to be airborne. Airport was digitally published by Blue Hour Press, which means you can read the whole thing online for free. And you should. And not just because Emily is someone I know and happen to like (we've never met, but we're totally Facebook friends)."
- D'Anne Witowski, Touched by a Monkey

This and more keeps cropping up all over the web, and we couldn't be more grateful. Thanks to all those who have clicked through one of our chapbooks in the past half a year. Your support is what keep us working.

Much more is in store for the coming summer. First off, we now have a presence on Goodreads, so please add us as a friend, rate and review some of our chaps, and help spread the word.

Also, remember that submissions will open starting May 1st. Tell everyone you know who may have a collection looking for a home—we're open to look at anything from 10 - 40 pages. But more on that in the coming week.

It's a busy and exciting time here at BHP, so please, stay in the loop. Join the Facebook group. Subscribe to the RSS feed or mailing list. Drop us a line. And keep reading!